Tuesday, August 23, 2005

flea market tips

Hit your local flea market! the flea market guide can help you find one near you.

*arrive early. browse at first, making a note of what you really want to return to. if you pass something that you know you absolutely will buy, make an offer.

*be careful not to haggle too low, but to offer a price that is a little lower than your maximum budget, so that you and the vendor can agree at a nifty price. remember that these sellers have to set up their booths and pay for them too, so don't be too cheap...but always try to come away with the best price you can! it takes practice and sometimes bravery, but you can do it!

*i've found that sometimes the end of the day is also the right time to find items that sellers are ready to part with at a lower price, keep your notebook handy!

*bring cash, checkbook and id handy. wear comfy shoes and bring water if you are a diehard hunter.

*be prepared to take home furniture if you are on the lookout for some. clean out your trunk or back seats, or borrow a friend's truck or larger vehicle if you drive a small car like me. also bring some twine, old blankets, bubble wrap, and anything that will protect your new find on the drive home.

*if you are a lucky shopper, make sure to keep your cell phone on hand in case you spot something you want a second opinion about, or notice a great peice that you know a friend would love. also great for consulting husbands before you decide to purchase a giant pink yard flamingo or something irrational...

Remember -- if you're willing to invest some time into hunting for treasures, you'll be surprised at the amazing bargains you can find, so have fun!

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simply kasia said...

I love your post! And I love flea markets, too. I have some photos of my finds here:


These are just small stuff, but me and my husband also bought a table and other furniture on a flea market. Isn't it fun? :)