Saturday, August 27, 2005

found will never be forgotten

hello friends! this is sue from pillow vs. pin cushion. i feel honored to share stories and photos from all of my thrifting adventures with you along with jenny, cassi, kathleen, and tricia. i mostly thrift for supplies like sweaters, fabric, and notions for my business, giant dwarf, but it's really hard to say no to unique nic-nacs, records, cameras, old children's books, funky furniture, forgotten photographs, jewelry, colorful pyrex, typewriters - um, you see, anything really. i have this quirky thrift ethic where i feel like i must rescue these wonderful treasures so they will have a good home. silly, i know, but i started doing this as a kid and i guess my feelings have never changed. welcome to my crafty little cluttered life!!!


jenny vorwaller said...

i'm honored to have you here sue! i love this picture of you, your eyes are so pretty.

Anonymous said...

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