Tuesday, August 23, 2005

just consider

every place that you decide to visit is holding a secret treasure only for you. the perfect shoes, with the tags still on them, from your decade of choice? they're in your size and favorite color if you take the time to look. that little mug with the black and white graphic to hold all of your pencils? 25cents, if you don't mind combing through the dirty pots. the beautiful polka dot skirt that swishes and saschays as you walk? it's there too. hiding among the rows and rows of hideous pilled and outdated jumpers and miniskirts. i like to start from one rack and slide the hangers around to the next, like a little maze. because i know that perfect summer dress is waiting to go to the dressing room with me. waiting for a chance to be loved again. just consider the waiting item on your next visit, i promise you'll find it.


Rachel said...

How great Jenny!! I just saw this link on your side bar! This is going to be bookmarked on my blog pronto!!!!! I love thrift shopping! LOVE!

moki said...

I cant tell you how many times I feel rushed because I'm worried the treasure that is meant to be mine will be found by the person just ahead of me! I guess another idiosyncrasy for me.