Wednesday, September 21, 2005

all year round

one thing i love about shopping second hand is that the stores i haunt don't discriminate against seasons. what most complain about (having to look through everything) is my big advantage. since i'm not a follower of fashion rules, i like to utilize my entire wardrobe all year round. and thrift stores usually organize by items: skirts, pants, sweaters, coats, etc. so when i find something i love? i take it home with me and find a way to wear it, not store it for later.

my favorite season is upon us. and with the weather cooling, that means one thing for my ensemble wear~layering. this doesn't take as much bravery as it sounds, just look inside your closet and mix things up a little bit. instead of putting away your summer clothes, keep them around and see what you can do with them. one way to get the full use of my clothing finds is to organize my closet by color, not style or type. we live in an old house with the tiniest closets i have ever seen! even the doors are extremely narrow and not standard size. i look forward to the day when we can have walk-in closets...but until then, i abide by an organized tip of a regular thrifter...once i acquire something, i get rid of an old item to replace it.

here are just some ways to mix up your clothes:
  • use your favorite tank and wear over a long sleeve top.
  • everything matches as long as it clashes. try it.
  • yes to brown & black. navy & black. white accessories all the time.
  • capris with boots in the winter, flats in the summer.
  • use your floaty delicate spring skirts with tights & a jacket to anchor them for fall.
  • boleros, shrugs, wraps all make a short sleeve top different for cold weather.
  • wrap a leather belt around a top and pair with pants or a skirt.
  • don't underestimate your accessories. a vintage cotton or silk scarf can wrap your hair off your face in the summer and warm your neck in the winter.
  • keep out those cute shoes and see if some colored tights will change their look.
  • select items by color and see how elegant monochromatic dressing really is.
  • add some artistic jewelry to your most basic items, be bright and bold!
  • try corduroy with silk, velvet with flannel, wool with cotton. be about texture.
hope this helps you live more creatively and express yourself in fashion! dare to be different, special and unique. who knows? you might just encourage someone else to do the same. and let us know what you are doing to mix things up this season.


kasia said...

jenny, you must be my soulmate :)

Cristina said...

I love this post, Jenny! such wonderful ideas, real inspiration:)

Jes said...

OH Jenny! I will have to try the tank over a long sleeve top!

Lately I have been wearing my old vintage scarfs in my hair...(like I used to)...and as a belt...especially with old jeans!

Thanks for the fun! Sweetpea

jenny vorwaller said...

yes kasia. i am :) hoe i do inspire a bit! wish i had more pictures of my ideas for you...jes, i would love to see your scarves!

Liquid Sky Arts said...

I love it when the racks are coordinated by color like that. You know how I feel about layering... I'm getting giddy at the thought of cooler weather already!

Great post Jenny! :)

momo said...

those are great tips indeed!! thanks, my fashion consultant! =P

jenny vorwaller said...

:) yes...LAYERING kathleen! Mmmmmm growing up in seattle, even in the summertime, i was used to wearing layers all the time. i havent adjusted too well to east coast humidity...which is why i am even more excited for the weather to

and have a blast in NYC!! :) have you ever been? brace yourself, its sooo overwhelming

Liquid Sky Arts said...

I haven't been before Jenny... I'm even overwhelmed at the thought! But it's all so exciting too.. :)
I have no idea what the weather will be like there... so layering just may be my salvation! ;)

DeborahOfChicCosas.Com said...

Great ideas!

Aimee "Roo" said...

I love all of these suggestions! I have been getting into my old scarves lately (my grandmas actually), and have been enjoying it a lot.

Oh, and I love putting tanks over long sleeved shirts, or even tees. :)

Great suggestions, keep them coming!

Samantha said...

What great suggestions- I too love to thrift for my clothes because I cannot stand having to buy my summer clothes when the snow hasn't yet melted, or that it's still 80 degrees where I live, and yet, the "regular" retail stores are selling parkas and snow boots. My favorite is the Savers chain, with all the wonderful organization, esp. by color! I could play there all day...

Alison said...

Ooh scrumptious vintage ideas... Love it. And the site!