Thursday, September 08, 2005

don't hesitate

if you see it and love it, (and can afford it) get it.

you will always find a place for it if you truly love it.

try not to always be too practical when it comes to findings. it's nice to make a list of wishes and wants, carry that with you in your bag. it will come in handy later. just don't stick to it too closely. those things will be sought out and purchased eventually...but the one of a kind item that won't be there tomorrow might just be your regret if you pass it by.

tag sales let you afford to be decisive. save the reluctant shopper's mindset when you are in the upscale boutique.

and let us know what you find.


andrea said...

yes, yes, yes... as someone who has been hitting flea markets (and auctions and estate sales and yard sales and thrift stores) for years, I would say that that is the most important piece of advice... buy what you truly love. if it makes your heart do a little dance and the price is right, don't pass it up. I once walked away from a gorgeous 1920s mannequin head, thinking I might see something better and then couldn't stop thinking about it. it was snatched up by another smart shopper before I could make it mine and years later I'm still talking about it! but that lesson (learned early on) made an impression and now I act on instinct and have some delicious little treasures to show for all the hours I've spent digging and hunting... for so long now, I have been planning to post a set of the best things I've found in the last 20 years on my flickr page... and maybe occasionally on my blog. can't help but share the goodness!

Anonymous said...

I too agree with J Vorwaller - make a list & if you see it (& can afford it) BUY it!

Never have I regretted buying a wonderful find - but I do vividly remember the treasures I did NOT obtain. (ie the beautiful large black needlepoint tablecovering with roses...I passed on abt 12 yrs ago- I learned my lesson, or so I thought...)

Here is my all time shopping regret, read this & weep for me:

About 4.5 years ago, I had the opportunity to travel to the Netherlands.

I did actually have a written list with me. I wanted to look for these random items to decorate my home. Hoping, that MAYBE I'd find something on my want list :
Vintage leather riding boots (classic ralph lauren look),
Old wire dress form,
Crystal chandelier,
Brass dog(s) - bookend size,
Old leather bound books

Believe this or not, THE FIRST store I went into HAD EVERYTHING on my list !!!!!!!!!

The riding boots even had the long wooden boot lasts inside them, the dress form was so awesome, there were at least 5 or 6 crystal chandeliers winking at me, the dogs were perfect & the books were wonderful.

It totally threw me off & I actually froze up or rather my brain disengaged from rational thinking. I thought, how could all of this just be here in one store? Was I psychic? Was this a dream ? Was this too easy? EVERYTHING just sitting here waiting for me to come in & scoop them up??? hmmmmmmmmm
"maybe there is ALOT of this kind of stuff in this country"

So I decided to WAIT & check out other shops....BIG MISTAKE I didn't find ANYTHING anywhere else that I had on my list, and of course I wasn't able to go back to that store, as we were traveling all over.

sniff sniff - learn from my tragedy - don't repeat my mistake!

ps I did bring home some fabulous & treasured memories ~so you can put away the kleenex now

corey amaro said...

Ooooo, the wisdom of the true tag sale queens are here! Yes! I agree with you all! See it, love it, buy it.
How did I learn my lesson, that is a story to come on my post, but I will give you a sneak preview...I live in France. I once saw a 18th century life size painting of a nude woman wearing only green shoes and a hat. It was divine and charming, I didn't have enough money, I told the man to hold it for me and that I would big mistake was not leaving him some money to hold it for me! (You will have to read my blog in a couple of days to get the whole story.) But I learned a valued lesson. If you see something you love buy it and if you do not have enough money give the dealer something to hold it for you.