Friday, September 02, 2005

have you ever...

striped acid wash skirt

...had one of those days when you look down, or catch a flash of yourself in a mirror, and you realize: "almost everything i am wearing is thrifted!"?

i simply LIVE for those moments. because, after all, thriftiness and creativity and personal style are things to be celebrated!

...and, i also delight in responding to commenters and complimenters, who occasionally remark upon on this accessory or that piece of clothing on my person: "i only paid $x dollars for this at a thrift/garagesale/tagsale!" i love to watch them gasp and gape (sometimes with incredulousness, and sometimes in horror). it always evokes a smug feeling inside of me, because hey, they either missed out, or or they miss the point.

so what if it's been worn or used? why not keep using it, if it's still of value? i firmly believe that trash has often got a little more treasure to offer to another, though it may not seem so to many in our throw-away world.

"recycling, reinventing, rediscovering."

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