Tuesday, October 25, 2005

me, the minimalist

as i once wrote, i don't buy things that i just l i k e , i only buy what i l o v e.
shopping at flea markets and thrift stores doesn't mean that my apartment is cluttered. i actually see myself as a minimalist! i don't like to be surrounded with too much stuff. the main reason is that I get bored with everything so quickly. i don't have a display of my collections of vases, candleholders or souvenirs from my trips. i just keep everything in my wardrobe. about once a month i change my interior by replacing decorative things with different ones.
i keep the base colors simple. i like natural colors and materials the most, so everything around me is wooden and white. if i miss color, i just change candles, vases, cushions. i buy colorful flowers. this system has worked for me for years.

yet sometimes i forget about my own rules and buy something i'm almost sure i'm never going to use. like these hand made hearts you can see on a picture. aren't they cute? i bought them at a flea market. they're so 'not me', yet I love them. there is no right spot for them, so i just keep them in one of the boxes.

sometimes i think it's such a waste. lately i've been thinking how nice it would be to own a shop with decorative items. i would buy everything i like and not worry if it's my style or not, because i could always sell it in my shop...


ralph said...

kasia, would you decorate my home for me? i love your style, in decorating and writing. :)

KT said...

Wow, your decorating system is really influencing me! I'm going to have to adopt some of it. You must be very organized, no?

I think you have a great impetus to start a business. Reminds me of why I started mine. I love to collect vintage fabric but eventually I ran out of room for all of it. I make purses now and it's an excuse to keep shopping.

jenny vorwaller said...

kasia, i feel the same way about keeping my place minimal. somehow i feel like lots of things distract my thinking, the less is more theroy must work for you too!

and i can see why you stopped at these hearts...sometimes, you just have to...follow youe heart!

Elisabet said...

I try to do the same thing with all my finds, doesn´t always work though... I want to see them too.
But things like these sweet hearts are easy, I would use them as christmas decorations.

risa said...

i've had the same dream about owning a store-for the very same reasons! i imagine decorating the store would get the chatchka lover in me out of the way so my house could be more neat and tidy. :)