Thursday, October 27, 2005

silly is sublime


i'll admit it: i have a soft spot for the silly...particularly the cheap and silly! over the years i've found myself magnetically attracted to that which is more than a little off-kilter, absurd, or hilarious in my local thrifts.

i like to laugh. who doesn't? when slogging through the tedious tasks of daily life, and i'm feeling a little down, i just glance around at my bright, funny thrifted trinkets and toys, and i can't help but crack a smile!

and i can't help but wonder, "what is the story behind this object? what kind of crazy sense of humor did it's maker or previous owner have? why did they give it up? why is this thing so odd?" silliness is a wonderful thing. we should all have more silliness and frivolity in our lives! the beauty of thrifting is that funny, odd, silly things can come into our lives, cheaply, if we take the time to look for them.

which brings me to the funny bag above, found at a new york city "thrift store" not too long ago. a sad example of graphic design, for sure. but i love it nonetheless, if for nothing more than it's imperfectness.

what's the funniest object *you* ever found at your local thrift?

i love pop "corm",


Antigona said...

I guess I am not alone! I do to try to figure out the history behind every item I purchase. This has taken me (imaginarily of course) to distant lands and places. I guess I have a very frutile imagination.

dolly said...

oh yes I love the silly ones the best! ..and if you're in a thrift store who cares if you throw caution to the wind and buy something silly!

sue said...

the silliest thing i have ever found is a photo, circa 1973, of two guys dancing together with their shirts off sweating profusely. i will post about it at some point and then send it to found magazine !!! i can't help myself from cracking up everytime i see it. it is a very special find!!!