Thursday, October 20, 2005

we are the champions, my friends

do you feel like a winner when you spot a fabulous thing in a thrift store? i do! especially if i go there to look for a particular item.

last time i went to check out thrift stores was for a reason. i needed a jacket. there is a difference between times when you go just to look around and these when you are desperate for something, don't you think?
finding exactly what you were looking for makes the whole thing feel like a real hunting. lately i've realized that i already had a hunting map in my head. the first stop here, the second one there... by the fourth one i usually feel like recharging my batteries, but i'm usually too focused on my goal to sit down for a coffee. so i just drink water and have a bite on the go (always something sweet!). it's rather unlikely that i find exactly what i was looking for, but it doesn't stop me from hoping.

you've probably guessed that the jacket on the photo is the one i'm talking about, haven't you?
it was my perfect find. i was a hunter, the jacket was a fox. it looks as if it was brand new and it costed close to nothing. i won!


jenny vorwaller said...

oh kasia, you are so beautiful! you look like a superhero here, and what a wonderful coat! hooray!

andrea said...

yay for you! there is no high like the post thrift store score high!

Samantha said...

What a beautiful colour - you lucky thing!

Maditi said...

I saw your picture and instantly knew you....from your wonderful self-portraits at flickr :)
love your way of writing and of course your find ;)