Tuesday, November 22, 2005

the tour de thrift

i'm going to take jenny's cue and show off a few thrifted finds around my home. it's not at as charming a stage, but we've been focusing on furniture accumulation first. next summer will be all about finding the bits and bobs that make a home unique!

everything in this shot totaled $9.50. two dollars each for the modern wicker chairs, five for the reversible danish teak table, and fifty cents for the teapot. the capiz hanging was a gift from my sister.

the dining room is a combination of frugal ikea and thrifted finds. the chairs were $5 each at a school fundraiser, the vase was $1 at a barn sale; the silver dollars from a yard sale, home-grown.

this is our first house. like any first-time home buyers, we're looking to fill our new spaces with lovely pieces and don't want to spend our mortgage payment to do it.
it can be done! it may take an entire summer of treasure hunting, but you can fill entire rooms with unique furniture and accessories at well below an ikea budget. you'll also come away with something even more valuable - history. every vintage piece you acquire brings a lifespan of stories into your home!


Anonymous said...


You have a great eye for good design ~ Your furnishings are spendid! Looks like they are from a magazine

Bravo on being so thrify too

katie said...

wow! great finds and lovely photos as well. this post is especially inspiring to me, as I've just moved into my first house, and lately have been chomping at the bit to get it "finished." but when I slow down and think about it, it does take time for all the little things to come together.

thanks for the inspiration!

jenny vorwaller said...

okay, i think we need to scratch the uploading pictures small idea...because i love this peek into your keen eye for design!!

Liquid Sky Arts said...

I know... I wish I could click the pictures to see them bigger!! :)

Great post!

Karen said...

Wonderful thrift finds...I wish I can find furniture like that over here...

Peggy said...

I love your house and how you decorated it so inexpensively! Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see more.

Anonymous said...

esquisite rooms!

i can't believe how cheap everything was... i'm also inspired- i'm moving out in august and am looking forward to making my dorm "home" but goodness knows and i have a limited budget.