Friday, March 17, 2006

Common Grounds: Flea Marketing in France

by Corey Amaro

-Bonjour Monsieur! How much does this vase cost?
-25 Euro, it is tres sympas non? It is nice isn't it?
-Yes, yes it is! Too bad that it is chipped...see here?
-Oh, really? But it is not so bad, once you put flowers in it, nobody will notice.
-Since it is chipped will you take less, how about 10 Euro?
-No, no, no my price is firm, 25 euro! If it weren't chipped I would sale it for over a hundred Euro!
It is a very good deal at 25 Euro.
-Umm, Okay you're selling it at 25 Euro, and I am asking for a better price, maybe we can strike a deal somewhere in about 15 Euro?
- What! For that price I might as well have it restored and sale it for more!
-Come on, please! I am willing to buy your chipped vase, can't we make a deal?
-Whew! I'll make a petite effort, 20 Euro and that is final!
-That is nice of you... 20 Euro and you throw in that teacup without a saucer...see it over there, Yes, that one!!
-WHAT! I give you an inch and you take the whole stand! You are one tough cookie! Here take the plate for 15 Euro!
-And the teacup too?
-Ah, you Americans are good at business! Here is the deal... I'll give you the teacup, if you'll have a cup of coffee with me?
-Sounds tres sympas! With a wink of my eye I add...
As long as you're paying for it!


Liquid Sky Arts said...

...All that and an offer for a cup of coffee too, such a cute story!

Corey I'm so happy that you're writing with us... welcome to tag sale tales!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Hi! Merci- Thanks!!

susan said...

me too! two corey posts are better than one!hooray!

Alisa said...

Too funny. Is that a true story? You must be gorgeous. That would assist in negotiating with a French man. LOL.