Sunday, March 19, 2006

laughable loot

sometimes you can't help but snicker at all of the ridiculous things you find in thrifts, most of which i can't leave behind. here are a few of my most recent knee-slapping novelties!

nautical s&p set

this nautical salt-n-pepper set features the lovely companionship of one pipe-mouthed slicker-wearing old salty and his naval pal cap 'n pepper, who are both sporting fantastic goatees, by the way. what is so amazing is that these seasoned mates look exactly like the graphic on the box - it is uncanny!

needlepoint kits

these charming little needlepoint kits were each given their own names like holly horse the horse and rooster the rooster. they came equipped with all of the essentials for a completing a piece including a 6X6 printed canvas, wool yarn, a tapestry needle, instructions, and when the craft was complete, a printed paper frame! that's right, the brown and yellow decoration around the colorful critters is not a part of the canvas. it is in fact a piece of paper that you are supposed to use when framing your holly horse or rooster. they also came in their very own plastic snapped carrying case for needlepoint on-the-go.

the fabulous rotating knitting bracelet

how is it possible that the fabulous rotating knittng bracelet is no longer an everyday knitting necessity? look at the facts:
* always near you
* cannot tangle
* ideal while travelling
it's also made in the usa, it's gold plated, and the instructions are very simple:
1.-fold the "shuttle" flat.
2.-insert ball of yarn thru shuttle.
3.-open shuttle.
4.-you are now ready. ball will rotate and yarn cannot tangle.
what is so genius about the fabulous rotating knittng bracelet is its ability to break the norm of existing as a boring crafting device - not only is it fashionable, but it's the most practical knitting aid ever made. fashion and crafting can be friends after all!


Rachel said...

I've never heard of that knitting tool before... but it looks very cool! Thanks for sharing.... I love coming across fun things like that!

jenny vorwaller said...

oh sue!! i love this post! :) giggles over here on my side of the monitor! sometimes, you just cannot leave those ones behind! :)

Liquid Sky Arts said...

This post really cracked me up... I love the knitting bracelet, why oh why did that fad never take hold?! :)

susan said...

oh my god. this is why i still -- try as i might -- can't knit! where CAN i get one? how darling. i know it will save the day.
thanks for the adorable post.