Sunday, March 19, 2006

Specialiste Du Meuble Provencal

Specialist is Provencal Furniture
by Corey Amaro


When one window is closed surely another opens!
Today the antique fairs in the South of France
were cancelled due to rain!
Rain! Such a rare event! We need rain! I should be
dancing with joy with Gene Kelly!
Instead, I feel like the rain on the parade!
Unwelcoming and splashing the puddles that
are in my way!
Did it have to pick Sunday to come visit?
Six other days in a row it could have had!
Why on Sunday!
One window closed, but another always opens...
I'll go check out the shops instead!


Newsandseduction said...

very intereting perspective.

susan said...

what a great way of looking in on things.
rain rain go away. let gene kelly come and play!
i love this image and your words!

maditi said...

nothing worse than rain on a fleamarket day ;)

Robin said...

Is that picture of a furniture shop in Isle Sur La Sorgue? It looks just like one that I photographed there a few years ago. I miss those french flea market days.