Thursday, April 27, 2006

Papers like a Piper Call

by Corey Amaro
Stacks of letters, stamps, menus, images, tags and ledgers.
What is it with papers, that beckon us to read, to feel to hold...
Menus with delicious descriptions of dishes to be served,
Letters sent to sweethearts and secrets that unfold,
Stamps with postage marks from exotic places,
Journals of yesteryear that tell us where we have come from,
Ledgers that outline the daily doings and struggles of balancing a budget in perfect script!
The stories between the lines, the creases of past lives, the idea of holding someone's history tenderly in ones hand.
What is your paper trail, where does it lead?


Mary Jane said...

Hi corey,

Our home is often buried in papers that we dare not throw into folders they into plastic boxes....oh...what fun it is to find them in a few years and to remember those times that have passed us by....great post...

mcaplan said...

Corey is the poet laureate of my everyday! Her words inspire me! Her images dazzel my eyes!! I am so glad to see her here sharing her amazing words!

susan said...

poet proser, i love the paper here...
my paper? endless offers in the mail about mortgage insurance! ugh. if only they came looking like these i would so long for the post!

RavenGrrl said...

that blue color, Corey! gives your post about paper a kindof melancholy feel -- or maybe more accurate, a dreamy doziness of memory while sorting through boxes, bags, stacks, baskets of paper, old letters. I love that last photo. Your photos are truly *stylin!