Friday, May 26, 2006

A sip of Tea

by Corey Amaro
Add fresh water to the kettle,
Bring it to a rapid boil, or until it whistles.
Add some of this water to heat your teapot,
swirl it, then throw the water out.
Add a teabag for each person,
and another one for the teapot.
Let it steep for several minutes.
French Vintage 1930-40s teacups.
Mix and match, adds a touch of peppermint!


vania said...

i love your collection! i'm collecting old tea cup saucers for my 'wedding celebration' this summer - and i'm almost done (i need 70). They're for dessert and a great adventure - each costing between $0.15 - $1!

Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

Oh the tea parties we could all have together!

Nikki said...

So pretty! I love the shade of that green cup.

thesoulofhope said...

cute post!

Chris said...

Just found your blog today - great reading!

Rachel said...

Tea... I love a good cup of hot tea at night! Those tea cups are great!

lindaharre said... good to have found you here! just happened onto this site and there you were! one more opportunity to frolic in your wonderful, whitty and wise words:) Linda

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Thanks for sipping in!
These little teacups I found ten years ago at the fleamarket in Marseille, they cost $2 for a set of six!! I was giddy!
If you would like to see this cup in action check out the last image here:

susan said...

oh those lovely teacups...

arttealife/onecrabapple said...




Anonymous said...

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ornamentea said...

Hello. I just discovered your blog. I picked it out of a list because of the intriguing name. As luck would have it, your most recent post is about tea. Lovely. As you can tell from my "name" I am also a lover of all things tea. Best wishes to you. I look forward to exploring your blog.

--erica said...

simply gorgeous! You gals are making me want to shop!