Tuesday, October 24, 2006

French Laundry

How to fold a Fitted Sheet

-First fold it in half,

-Run your hands over it make it smooth,

-Then tuck the corners inside each other and straightening them out.

-The folded sheet should look like it has rounded corners.

-Fold the half sheet in half again,

-Tuck the corners inside each other, all corners are tucked into one big rounded corner.

-Then fold again and again. Flatten smooth.

-In one of the fold of the sheet, add a perfumed sachet, place the sheet in the armoire until needed.

More about French antiques here.


Aga said...

So cute !!!! i will remember it next time i am folding the sheets ... I love the bit about adding a perfumed sachet:)

jennster said...

i can NEVER EVER EVER do this right. at the end, i'm just happy it looks kind of decent and i hide it in the closet. lol

karlanee said...

I went to the link that showed where you go this information and was sent to an Amazon book list. I was amazed to see it looks almost identical to one of my lists on Amazon! Oh La La!