Monday, November 27, 2006


Domino, deck of cards, board games, tokens and dice...when I find any of these things at a flea market I feel like yelling, "Bingo!!"

Of course in all fairness I feel like yelling, "Bingo!" at anything I find at the flea markets. I am crazy for flea markets, aren't you?

(links to vintage board games, take a look at the artful design.)

photo: Green turn of the century French bingo card.


zUzU said...

Bingo indeed! =^..^=

Oh don't you just love the way the old ones are made? The quality ... the colors ... everything about them is so far superior to what is made now. Or so it seems ... to me.

I recently went to a thrift store sale that was in it's second day ... and could not believe my eyes when I discovered an old 1942 bingo game with calling balls & everything! Still there after all those people walked right on by ... and $10 takes all .::sigh::.

Some days are the best! Or ... "just gooder" (as my two year old friend next door would say).

=^..^= zU

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