Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Collecting Silverware

Forks, knives, and spoons. Tablespoons, teaspoons, and butterknives. They do not have to be a set, or of the same pattern for me to scoop them up, and take them home. Mix-match luxury is a class act I can afford.

The only thing I know about French silvermarks is this:
If it is silver, on the backside of each piece, there is a stamp pressed at the base of the neck.

I know very little about silver. But it is of little importance to me. I buy antique silver that is inexpensive so I can use it everyday.

In France, the forks are set upside down when set on the table. That is why the pattern is often on the back side.

Usually, when I buy silver at the flea markets, they do not look silver. They are black with tarnish. Nothing, that elbow grease cannot take out.

Photo taken by Corey Amaro. 19th century French silverware would you like some?


jill said...

What a great idea... NON matching for everyday. I've often wanted to buy silver on the cheap as well, but always thought, "Oh no, it doesn't match what I have..." But since I don't even USE what I have, why not collect a whole bunch/mix/match and live on.

Thanks for a great idea!!

Claudia said...

Wonderful idea!
I bought some differently styled silver spoons lately to put on display in a velvet-clad frame-thingy.
But I dream of a collection of different one-of-a-kind crystal wine glasses to be used replacing our uniform undecorated wine glasses...

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

I just bought an almost full set for 8 missing 4 teaspoons. I just found 4 of a same design to add to it and we`re going to use it everyday.
Glad I found your blog :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, it's beautiful. I would love some. I have some old silverware that was my grandmother's that I display. I wish I had more. I will keep my eyes out for something as lovely as what you found.

--erica said...

One of my favorite things to hunt for.. I keep a jar of "silver" spoons on the counter to actually be used and not stored away.

herhimnbryn said...

Still use all the tiny teaspoons I've collected over the years. They are particularly good with espresso cups and saucers.

Shabby in the City said...

I can't wait to open my drawer now that I have real silver! I got it from a junk dealer for 50 cents each-four whole place settings and a little pickle fork! So much more inviting than the new stuff we got when we married!

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