Thursday, November 23, 2006

The free table

Every so often, tag sales and thrift stores here have a free table. I enjoy sifting through these odds and ends, on a treasure hunt with no expectation of actually coming away with anything.

Over the years, I have collected all kinds of miscellaneous goodies from these free tables: A string of broken pearls, a lead printing block with the image of a wedding ring set, mother-of-pearl buttons and other small, random objects. Most of these trinkets are special enough to me that I remember where I found them, and consider them treasures.

The aqua-colored Japanese mugs above came from a local thrift shop making room for holiday decorations and glassware by dumping a bunch of bits and bobs on a table near the front of the store. I picked the mugs up, put them back down, walked around the store, watched another woman pick them up and put them back down, then I smiled and scooped them up on my way out the door.

If your area doesn't have free tables, I would suggest recommending it to thrift store staff or trying it out if you host a tag sale. It saves a lot of good stuff from just being chucked into the trash because it doesn't sell.

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