Monday, November 13, 2006

Shower Hooks!

I have an obsession with collecting shower hooks from the thrift store. I think this is my strangest thrift score compulsion. I have never lived in an apartment that had any more than 1 (one) shower at a time, and I have more than enough shower hooks for the 1 (one) shower curtain that is needed.

bath art 4

This is my favorite group of hooks, because they look like edamame or pea pods!

bath art 8

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas for alternative uses for shower hooks. This is meant to be a little puzzle to get the creative side of your brain going, perhaps a bit ambitious for a Monday? I'll let you decide. Your ideas are welcome, no matter how outlandish!


medea said...

string them all together and make beaded curtains?

use them to create swags in curtains?

Use them to hang any sort of curtain around the house? (who said they HAVE to be used for shower curtains only?)

sew them to the back of stuffed toys and hang them by the hook onto a wall

Use them to play giant checkers or as improvised "ring toss".

Phew. I'm about done with ideas.

Susan McGarvey said...

Ooooh, I love this game!

--hook one on the fridge door handle or a cabinet pull and loop a dishtowel through it

--hang them from a horizontal rod near your craft area to hang tools (scissors, a fabric bag holding pencils) or display postcards, photos (punch hole in photo and hang. you could even put several photos on one hook and make a little booklet) does that make any sense?

--if you had enough maybe you could hook them all together and make a "curtain." Oops, Medea beat me to that one. Okay, maybe you could make "garland" or one long chain and hang stuff from it.

--display them as sculpture and enjoy their edamame-like beauty everytime you walk past them

Guess I'm done, too. Have fun whatever you do with them! (Save them, buy more (LOTS more), become the Crazy Shower Hook Lady of ___________, write a craft book all about shower hooks and their many uses, get famous, do the talk show circuit, become a spokesperson for whatever shower hook manufacturor will pay you the most money, sell the rights to your amazing life story to an independent film maker, and, finally, retire in luxury to your charming little cottage, Chez Shower Hook, in France;-)

Maryann said...

Napkin rings??
Hehehe, this was fun to read! :)

Anonymous said...

sew them into a bag and then loop the handle through the top.

herhimnbryn said...

Plant ties?
Bistro curtains?
Wrap each one with embroidery thread ( Multi colours) and then link them together for an overthetop fab necklace?
Key rings?

S. said...

But, why are they your obsession? Please tell.

emily august said...

First of all, these ideas are wonderful. I myself thought of maybe linking them together to make a chain of various functions.

I think they are an obsession of mine because they are a type of miniature that comes in sets... they are usually cheap, and I find it interesting to see unique types.

I must point out that I do not go for the ones you can get in Bed Bath and Beyond that are made of painted animals or belong to a set motif.

I just like simple lines and bright colors, or colors that indicate they belong in another era. I also enjoy them most when each hook is molded from a single piece of plastic or a metal.

You can always just take plain shower hooks and glue something on them to decorate them, but I think its nice to have clean lines, color, and function (if you choose to actually use the hooks).

stripe said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi.Can't think of a better way other than taking them out of their original context and placing them beside other things they don't belong. That way they stand out and gain a little dignity.

My boring way of collecting everyday objects with design elements.

Anonymous said...

Huge earrings! Link them together with jump rings to make funky chains and necklaces. Mmm...shower rings....

This blog is quite ingenious!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how big these hooks are, but here's some more creative ideas (can't guarantee how effective they are !)
1) Keychain
2) Tie a robe to it and use as rubber handles for toddlers and young children to follow the parent
3) The photo idea is already given
4) For storage, punch hole on side of boxes, attach hooks on side to use as handles -- add wheels in the bottom of the boxes. I probably wouldn't do this to very heavy boxes.

Anonymous said...

This is a fab post. I too am a shower-curtain-holder collector, and have been mocked for this obsession by family and friends. Mine just sit in a drawer, in their original little boxes. I like the ones of the Edamame era: my favorite are a tangerine set and a turquoise set. Will think about putting them to use, but otherwise I'll just open my drawer and gaze lovingly.

Kimberly said...

I have a set of white cloth covered ones that I use for napking rings.

Also, when my kids were babies, I used to to connect rattles and toys to car seats and bouncers. The baby ones are expensive and sometimes open too easy!

Love your blog!