Monday, January 01, 2007

What a beautiful day to introduce myself! The sun is shining, there's fresh snow on the ground, and it's a brand new year.

My name is Cori, and I've been a shopper of second hand stores since I was young. Of course my tastes have changed, in high school it was all about clothes and trinkets, now it's mainly the old and falling apart that I can use in crafts or collages (books, photos, postcards, fabric, ephemera, tins, jewelry, etc), as well as one-of-a-kind home goods (furniture, dishes, linens).

My favorites are the little consignment or antique shops that no one knows about (they're hidden in small towns if you look hard), such treasures they're practically giving away! And the people who work at them love to see our excitement, it's contagious!

Is there anything more rewarding than the process of thrifting? The search, the discovery, paying a usually ridiculously reasonable amount for it, taking it home and finding the perfect use for it. And don't forget showing it off!

Thanks for welcoming me into the Thrifty Sisterhood, Jenny, I've been enjoying everyone else's posts for so long and am looking forward to contributing!


Anonymous said...

good luck cori! and happy new year!

jenny vorwaller said...

i'm so excited for this newyear of tales + to have you with us cori! ;) welcome!