Monday, March 12, 2007

antiques speak

do boots come to mind when you hear the word hobnail? never fear! simply turn to the antiques roadshow glossary of terms to fill you in on the world of hidden treasure lingo, explained by the roadshow experts.

p.s. the unique ruffled footed bowl above is a fenton and it's going for a steal right here on ebay.


Jenn said...

Gosh, golly, I love me some hobnail (preferably in their lovely aqua, but any will do, really.)

Thanks for the glossary - hobnail is, I think, one of the few terms that I actually know.

jenny vorwaller said...

yes! aqua is my favorite too, the way the light hits the vases, especially with some fresh cut flowers is just beautiful.

Amy said...

I just love what you found. Aqua is one of my favourite colours :-)