Tuesday, March 13, 2007

metal tins

ali took these great polaroids of vintage metal tins at the flea market.

these remind me of the kitchen in the apartment i stayed at in buenos aires, where all the silverware was stored in a bright yellow vintage tin box on a shelf. so pretty, easy and pleasing to the eye. so, what are you storing in tins?


Amy said...

Last year I managed to snag about 15 vintage tins, large and small for a cheap price and since then I've used then to store baking in, I've evern given them away with goodies inside at xmas time :-)

elizabeth said...

i have a couple of tins that store buttons that i have yet to go through (shame on me) and one tin that holds near and dear to me. its an old tobacco tin that my grandpa kept rubberbands in. the same rubberbands are still in them. i don't have the heart to take them out.