Friday, March 16, 2007

sheet top

i spotted this adorable top made by nikki and asked her to tell us all about it! she says:

First of all I'd like to thank Jenny for the invitation to be guest blogger on Tag Sale Tales. My thrifting is somewhat limited in the items I look for, when I go thrifting I usually have my girls with me, they head straight for the toys and I head for the fabric and sewing patterns/notions. My girls always find something they want to take home and Mia now brings things to me and says "It's 50c Mamma, I think I'll take it!" She's so funny.

Sometimes I come out of the thrift store empty handed but other times I score and find some fantastic fabric or an old bed sheet or a set of curtains with great patterns and colours. On a visit to the hospital for an antenatal check up while pregnant with Esme in 2005 I picked up a piece of green floral fabric, I think maybe it had been a sheet as it was nicely worn and wonderfully soft. It sat in my stash until recently when I turned it into a top for myself.


Anonymous said...

Cute! What pattern did you use?

Nichola said...

Simplicity 4589

Heidi said...

Adorable! And I assume the fabric is nice and smooth too. And a great memory of when you bought the fabric.

Anonymous said...



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