Thursday, March 15, 2007

small treasures

Amanda here from SouleMama. Thanks so much to Jenny for the invitation to join the inspiring Tag Sale Tales blog. I hope to pop in from time to time to share some of my thrifting tales.

The days when I return from thrifting with bags upon bags of wonderful fabrics, dishes, or vintage clothing are quite thrilling indeed. There's a certain excitement that we all know - the thrill of that mega find. But often, just as delightful for me are the days when I return home with one special little treasure. And the thrill of the 'big find' is replaced with the quiet satisfaction in knowing that this little treat is coming home with me. And the pleasure in knowing that these old, discarded items will find a new life in my home.

Such was the case on this particular day, when I came home with this sweet old tin, and lovely vintage fabric pictured above. Just perfect.


cristina said...

they really are sweet. and it's so much fun to imagine how those things will find their place and purpose (if even only to look at) in your home.

jennifer said...

it makes me ever so happy to read when people enjoy their thrifted treasures this much. that is my hope every time i fill a bag for donation to the purple heart or easter seals or the salvation army - i think we are on their speed dial at this point.
thrifting breathes new life into otherwise unused and quite possibly underappreciated pieces and this happy happy post makes me smile. almost as much as i smile when i come across a new-to-me treasure to bring home with me.

Veronica TM said...

it is so good to see you here, amanda! i love your finds and what you do with them.
what a good idea, jenny!

Heidi said...

So true! Sometimes when you get bags and bags you forget what your treasures even are!

Anonymous said...



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