Friday, March 09, 2007

thrift score: read this

i know what you're thinking. as IF we all needed more encouragement and reasons to be mad about thrifting! but you know, sometimes people look at us funny after they ask us where we found that fabulous beaded cardigan and we tell them it was snatched up for $2.50 at the shoddy looking warehouse on main street. and they just can't believe we sorted through the icky old stuff there, but we know they are really envious that we can look so fabulous for so little. (am i right? i'm right.) this book has witty ways of justifying the thrift lifestyle and the endless treasure hunt and for finding the haute on the cheap. it even includes a listing of hundreds of consignment stores nationwide, as well as in australia, ireland, france, canada, and england.

from the book's description:

Shopping is America's No. 1 pastime, but nothing beats the thrill of thrift shopping, The lowest prices! One-of-a-kind items! Oddities from the past!

Let All Hoff, a 20-year veteran of the thrift-store wars, tell you why you must always check the toy section (thrifts stick the best weird stuff there) or how to try on clothes in the aisle without showing your underwear!

Thrift Score is packed with fun information: Learn the origins of thrift-store perennials like plastic dinnerware, polyester shirts and paint-by-number masterpieces. Get smart about buying used clothes. Discover new uses for previously overlooked items like bowling balls and Herb Alpert records. See how easy it is to gather up common thrift items and throw fabulous theme parties -- Tiki Party tonight! New Wave Party tomorrow! Marvel at the folly of dead fads like designer jeans, CB radio and fondue.

Thrift Score is a funny, useful book no serious thrifter or thrifter wannabe should be without.

something else great about this? even though the book is out of print, that just means that you can buy it just a couple dollars at right here.

be sure to check out this interview with the author of the book at soapboxgirls.

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