Saturday, March 10, 2007

charm & poise

Yay! Mom Coated Everything in Crisco!
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viewing sharon's photostream (charm and poise) on flickr is always a pleasure and a hoot. she has sets called: jell-o wonderful, dieting the knox way and my favorite, thrilled housewives and cooks.

in her own words, sharon says, "I am totally addicted to the pursuit of gracious living. To that end, I collect cookbooks, etiquette guides, marriage manuals, health and beauty advice books, decorating and craft guides, modeling manuals, cocktail recipe books, entertaining guides, and any and all housewife ephemera from the 1950s through the early 1970s. Oh. Also: teen ephemera (anything from dating books to yearbooks), aprons, serving trays, tv trays, ugly paintings, and cat figurines. I think that about covers it."

if you are a flickr addict and have a weakness for vintage magazine adverts like me, go take a peek at her wonderful collection. you may even find a wonderful cake idea for your next LOST themed party, be inspired to get a mini-cut and you just may run into gregory peck.

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Aimeeroo said...

So cute! I love vintage things like that, they are lovely and funny. I like what you have done with the design by the way. :)

It's almost yard sale seaons here... I can't wait to start posting finds again.