Sunday, July 01, 2007

happy ending

dear readers,

after a long lull in our wonderful little space to talk about the creative life of thrifting, the thrifters, and fun finds...i've decided that this space must come to an end. we had fun, you and i. i want to thank all the wonderful writers who have contributed over the months that this blog was in effect. it was fun to have a place to jot down our ideas, share what we love about saving money and having tons of style doing it.

i hope we get to hear more about your thrift finds in your own blogs and i'll leave this space open for those who stumble upon tag sale tales now and then.

happy thoughts and visits to the flea market,

Monday, June 04, 2007


Hello, tag sale tales readers. I haven't made a post in quite awhile, but I was finally able to get some thrifting into my busy schedule this weekend. I hope that over the summer I will have more such time to shop, as well.

I purchased a trio of shoes this weekend. Each pair is pretty unique.

omg shoesomg shoes

I scored some boxed nylons.

lovely nylonslovely nylons

I have been collecting these types of (unused) nylons and strange stocking boxes. There is a sort of nostalgic charm to the packaging, and the fact that the nylons are out of mode is kind of interesting to me. They don't allow for much stretch, but they are so silky compared to the tights and stockings of today. Aren't they "lovely"?

I also picked up a few shirts: a mustard yellow and creme knit with retro stripes, a denim blazer with a really cute button closure, a sweatshirt that says Polish Town U.S.A. (my father's family comes from Poland), and finally a really good quality shirt from Banana Republic.

mustard knitdenim blazer
Polish Town u.s.a.nice shirt

My total bill came to $8.00.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Springtime, and the pickin' is easy...

It was a long, cold winter here in Rochester. Too cold for thrifting, too cold for antiquing, and---woe is me!---far, far, too cold to cruise for curbside treasure along the snowy streets of my newly chosen hometown. Sure, there were the occasional desperate forays to the (very) local charity shop, and the rare dumpster drive-by, just to stave off the pangs of emptiness, but I was jonesin' for a yard sale (multi-family! huge!) or a big, fascinating pile of 'one man's trash' to comb for treasure.

Spring has sprung here in the Flower City, and in the wake of the tulips, the rejects, the castoffs, and the glorious
garbage have blossomed. And the yard sales! Plentiful and cheap, and everywhere you look! Every trip to the grocery, each commute to work, has become a bonanza. The back of my van is never empty, and the cockles of my thrifty little heart are warm.

For ages now, I've been a hoarder of vintage sewing notions. You see, I have had Great Intentions of learning to sew. (I even have Two! Vintage! Sewing Machines!) Naturally, I have amassed a vast array of vintage thread and notions, so as to be prepared for the day when the Sewing commenced.

The Sewing Day arrived recently, and with it, the shattering of my thrifty bubble: thread has a shelf life. Vintage thread is quite nearly as useful as, say, vintage lettuce. And so, my quandary:
What to do with my carefully acquired bounty of splendid spools?

Yesterday, while driving my brood to the library, we hit the mother lode. A bag of fabric from JoAnn's, complete with the receipt. Two dozen cloth diapers, still in the bag from the service. Beads. An ironing board. A sled. And finally...a long, wooden frame.

Don't you love it when all of the pieces come together?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New York City Flea Market Guide

I wanted to post a follow up to my post back in October 2006 about my trip to New York City to visit with friends and hit some flea markets (click here to read that post). I have received lots of emails and comments asking for more details about the flea markets I went to, so I thought I would share with everyone!

We started out at the Hells kitchen Flea Market (and the Cupcake Garden is right around the corner - - and serves coffee and breakfast goodies and is tres cute). We had planned to get to this flea market early Saturday morning, but, do to a late night, we did not get there until a little after 9am which was perfect because it seemed like a lot of the vendors were just finishing setting up. This market is where I got the letterpress blocks and a bunch of great pieces of vintage jewelry. Also, there was a man who had gobs and gobs of vintage ribbon including my favorite, vintage velvet ribbon in every color imaginable! I think I walked away with about 10 different colors, and the more you buy the better the deal!

Me at the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market

Once we had out fill at the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market, we hoped on the $1 shuttle to the Antique Garage (which is in Chelsea, I believe - if you go to the Hell's Kitchen link above, click on the 'Antiques Garage' tab to read more about it) and THAT is where I found the wonderful old photo album. The man I purchased it from had tons of albums and photos and wonderful old frames. This flea market, like the name implies, is inside a garage, so if the weather is not great you may want to go straight there.

I hope this helps - I highly recommend heading to these flea markets next time you are in New York City!

Saturday, May 19, 2007


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