Monday, January 01, 2007

welcome to 2007

i'm really excited about this upcoming year, about finding a house we'll love and the fun of visiting thrift shops, garage sales and auctions to fill room after room with treasures. not that living in an apartment has held me back too much and so i thought i'd take this chance to farewll 2006 by showing my 5 favourite finds from last year (that i haven't already shown here).

thrifted silver plated lotus bowl
silver (plated?) lotus bowl, one of two i snatched up at $3.50 each. i love the patina on these.

mikasa mug
the mug that has started my obsession with vintage mikasa dishware, giving me yet one more thing to hunt for.

vintage coin purse
a beautiful little vintage coin purse in great condition, inside and out. and only a mere $3.

vintage bread tin
i've been trying to find uses for all the things i bring home and this large bread tin fit the bill perfectly as a dog food container.

vintage tin cannisters
two amazing 50's tin containers with faux wood grain pattern plus beautiful scalloped tin lids with plastic pulls.


Anonymous said...

insanely cute items... indeed! happy new year!!!!

Anonymous said...

i really like the containers. they look like acorns!