Friday, September 15, 2006


Snippet of the living room, one

As I look around my house now, I realize that all the accessories, the little tidbits that add a little flavor to bare expanses of furniture - they all have a previous history. A long life already, enjoying someone else's company. Nothing is new and store-bought, fresh and emptyheaded. It's kind of a nice feeling, and kind of strange. I feel as though I need to take extra care with these things, as a mark of respect for the original owners.

For instance, today I bought some lovely pieces of coral at a yard sale from a couple who obviously once travelled the world and its oceans. They most likely retrieved these treasures themselves, kept them in a special place, then perhaps forgot over the years what made them special enough to capture in the first place.
To me, though, they're brand new companions... and so, the journey of objects continues.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Danish Modern silverware

Some of my favorite thrifting finds have been the mundane treasures; the everyday items that usually go unnoticed. A fork is a fork, it serves an ordinary purpose, but finding an especially right fork can be a bit of a thrill.
Today I found this 45+ piece Danish Modern flatware set for five dollars. With their smooth, sleek handles and pleasant shapes, these otherwise-boring kitchen denizens will make more of a positive impact on my everyday than any delicate antique or priceless collectible. Five dollars just made every meal a little more special.