Tuesday, August 30, 2005

i thrift better solo.

so you have met some of the fabulous five who will be writing from the world of secondhand, aren't they wonderful? this is me. (hello.) more introductions coming soon, so stay plugged in!

this morning i hit every single thrift store in my city with a friend who recruited me to decorate her home. and it went alright. does anyone else have their magic finding powers leave them when they are in company? even with friends? it's a strange shopping sensation, but i guess i just get in a trance when i am by myself, it's almost meditative. and i always come away with more things for less when i am on my own.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

found will never be forgotten

hello friends! this is sue from pillow vs. pin cushion. i feel honored to share stories and photos from all of my thrifting adventures with you along with jenny, cassi, kathleen, and tricia. i mostly thrift for supplies like sweaters, fabric, and notions for my business, giant dwarf, but it's really hard to say no to unique nic-nacs, records, cameras, old children's books, funky furniture, forgotten photographs, jewelry, colorful pyrex, typewriters - um, you see, anything really. i have this quirky thrift ethic where i feel like i must rescue these wonderful treasures so they will have a good home. silly, i know, but i started doing this as a kid and i guess my feelings have never changed. welcome to my crafty little cluttered life!!!



tricia from bits and bobbins here!

jenny (miss queenthings) asked me to be part of this homage to all things secondhand, and i could not in my right mind say no! my plan is to pop in now and again and muse about the fun and fancy of secondhand clothing: show off some of my all time favorite finds, how to style outfits with thrifted pieces, how to mix new and old pieces with panache, possible forays into the history of certain designers or elements of clothing construction, field questions from the fashion facinated, pseudo-academically examine the nature of thrifting in general, and so forth, and so on. i'm SO excited!

at this juncture in my life, i've got more than 15 years of thrifting experience under my belt, an unequivocal, life-long love affair with fashion (vintage and new, classic and irreverent), and a formal education in art, art history, history and fashion design. so i'm poised and ready and willing to dive in, to obssess and confess!

ciao for now...

An introduction.... & lovely things to come.

Hello, this is Kathleen from Liquid Sky Arts. I'm so excited to have this opportunity to write about my local flea market finds alongside these other creative darlings. I'll mainly be focusing my writing on interior decorating and whimsical found objects for the garden. I've been brainstorming like a banshee ever since Jenny invited me to write here, and can't wait to show you all of my vintage treasures. See you soon!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

brilliant news!

i feel like i have a great secret and i cannot keep it any longer so time to spill! i have handpicked some friends who all have different taste and style to spare to be contributing editors to my new tag sale tales. introductions to our new writers will show up here soon, so stay tuned. i think we will all blend together and expand to a great little thrift blog!

(this aqua typewriter was found for 2 dollars at a yard sale, tape stil in it and in mint condition! it sits in my studio and aids my craving for all things retro.)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

thrifty mantra

"life can be beautiful, it doesn't have to be expensive." ~christine louise hohlbaum

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

another's trash is my treasure

one night my husband and i were out walking and we noticed this delicate shaped headboard lying in the curb. rusted nails poking out and in a terribly dark stain aside, i knew it had good bones.

a few hours later i had coated it with my favorite moss green shade of paint and sanded and distressed it a little with some crackle painting. hung over the entryway to my kitchen, i think it looks like a tiny peice of architectural beauty.

you just never know what you will find. the adventure lies in not the peice of junk that is waiting for you to transform, but how you will go about doing just that.

flea market tips

Hit your local flea market! the flea market guide can help you find one near you.

*arrive early. browse at first, making a note of what you really want to return to. if you pass something that you know you absolutely will buy, make an offer.

*be careful not to haggle too low, but to offer a price that is a little lower than your maximum budget, so that you and the vendor can agree at a nifty price. remember that these sellers have to set up their booths and pay for them too, so don't be too cheap...but always try to come away with the best price you can! it takes practice and sometimes bravery, but you can do it!

*i've found that sometimes the end of the day is also the right time to find items that sellers are ready to part with at a lower price, keep your notebook handy!

*bring cash, checkbook and id handy. wear comfy shoes and bring water if you are a diehard hunter.

*be prepared to take home furniture if you are on the lookout for some. clean out your trunk or back seats, or borrow a friend's truck or larger vehicle if you drive a small car like me. also bring some twine, old blankets, bubble wrap, and anything that will protect your new find on the drive home.

*if you are a lucky shopper, make sure to keep your cell phone on hand in case you spot something you want a second opinion about, or notice a great peice that you know a friend would love. also great for consulting husbands before you decide to purchase a giant pink yard flamingo or something irrational...

Remember -- if you're willing to invest some time into hunting for treasures, you'll be surprised at the amazing bargains you can find, so have fun!

just consider

every place that you decide to visit is holding a secret treasure only for you. the perfect shoes, with the tags still on them, from your decade of choice? they're in your size and favorite color if you take the time to look. that little mug with the black and white graphic to hold all of your pencils? 25cents, if you don't mind combing through the dirty pots. the beautiful polka dot skirt that swishes and saschays as you walk? it's there too. hiding among the rows and rows of hideous pilled and outdated jumpers and miniskirts. i like to start from one rack and slide the hangers around to the next, like a little maze. because i know that perfect summer dress is waiting to go to the dressing room with me. waiting for a chance to be loved again. just consider the waiting item on your next visit, i promise you'll find it.

Monday, August 22, 2005

favorite local haunts

my resources in order of most findability:
family thrift
yard sales
curbside pick-up

yes, when you live in an old historic part of the city, there are always neighbors with signs, "please take/i'm free" and you can never under estimate what a good coat of paint can do to some of those things. eBay is about as local as you can get, walk upstairs to the office late at night in my jammies and ta-da! the click of a mouse can steal the best deal.


welcome to the blog where a little bit of cash and a lot of creativity come together! i decided to create a collection of hints, ideas, places and stories of my treasure hunting adventures in answer to all the people who are always asking me, "where did you find that great (skirt, ceramic vase, vintage necklace, photograph, etc)?"

i've been thrifting for a good ten years, ever since discovering my local thrift store
value village in junior high. so i'm ready to reveal all my secrets and finds on the way!