Thursday, January 25, 2007

French Vintage Postcards

Old postcards, have alot to say. The images, with their stamps, postmarks, and handwriting, are a package deal! At the flea markets in France you can find stacks of postcards in organized piles. With labels such as: PARIS, COLLECTOR STAMPS, CHILDREN, ROMANCE, CHATEAUX...there is always a line of people shuffling through them.
The postcard bug finally bite me, and of course I do not stand in line! No, you can find me digging through old suitcases and boxes of junk, hoping to find someone's collection of forgotten souvenirs!
I love collecting French vintage postcards ones with Paris scenes, or children, or those postcards that are empty on the backside waiting for me to tag them with my memoires!
Tongue in Cheek Postcards (I told you I was going to sale my papers!!)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

French Vintage Papers

I have a thing for French vintage papers, when I see them at the flea markets I have to stop and look at them. After looking at them I want them. Then the long drawn out bartering with myself begins....

You don't need anymore old papers!
I know, I know but I want them.
You don't NEED them!
I'll use them, I promise!
You won't, you never use them, because you cannot allow yourself to cut them and create with them!
I will this time!!
You won't!
I'll sell them, I 'll make paper bundles and sell them!!
Now, there is an idea!

So I have bought them over and over again...and now I must sell them! If you are interested let me know, you can find me at TONGUE IN CHEEK ANTIQUES

Monday, January 15, 2007

the tales banner *

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thrifty links

the thrift shop project
if you aren't into searching through thrift stores, then you might want to keep an eye on kristin's blog. most of her posts have an up for grabs item or two that she finds but doesn't have any use for.

fit to be tied
i've always enjoyed looking through men's ties at second hand stores, and now there is even more reason to take some home. this seattle based company recycles men's ties into something cute for your child's wardrobe. my favorite are these adorable skirts for little girls. and seeing this simple ideas makes me wonder, what could you do with some silk ties?

thrifty fun
well, if you are still are some ideas for silk ties! the site offers free newsletters too, might be worth checking into.

last minute fabric gifts
the projects in this book are perfect for that fabric or old suit that you thrifted, but just can't find a purpose for yet. most of the crafts take a couple hours and look so beautiful that you might want to make a few of each project, one for a gift and one for you to keep!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

getting back in the thrifty groove

I always find thrifting after the holidays hard. I usually thrift every week. Then, bam, the birthday-holiday combo that is December takes me out of the tag sale and thrift store circuit for the next month.

When I do venture out again, I feel a little lost. My routine has vanished, and I'm amazed to see how quickly things change in this little town. Today I discovered my regular haunts had been all organized and spiffed up for the new year, with some stores completely rearranged.

I also found these embroidered linen napkins. Do I need napkins? No. Am I a sucker for anything embroidered? You betcha!

Here's to good thrifting in the new year!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Antique French Baby Rattles

French baby rattles, worn from too much fun, silver chains replaced by a ribbon.
Ringing in the New Year!

Photo: Rattles attached to the key to my kitchen cupboard.

Monday, January 01, 2007

What a beautiful day to introduce myself! The sun is shining, there's fresh snow on the ground, and it's a brand new year.

My name is Cori, and I've been a shopper of second hand stores since I was young. Of course my tastes have changed, in high school it was all about clothes and trinkets, now it's mainly the old and falling apart that I can use in crafts or collages (books, photos, postcards, fabric, ephemera, tins, jewelry, etc), as well as one-of-a-kind home goods (furniture, dishes, linens).

My favorites are the little consignment or antique shops that no one knows about (they're hidden in small towns if you look hard), such treasures they're practically giving away! And the people who work at them love to see our excitement, it's contagious!

Is there anything more rewarding than the process of thrifting? The search, the discovery, paying a usually ridiculously reasonable amount for it, taking it home and finding the perfect use for it. And don't forget showing it off!

Thanks for welcoming me into the Thrifty Sisterhood, Jenny, I've been enjoying everyone else's posts for so long and am looking forward to contributing!

welcome to 2007

i'm really excited about this upcoming year, about finding a house we'll love and the fun of visiting thrift shops, garage sales and auctions to fill room after room with treasures. not that living in an apartment has held me back too much and so i thought i'd take this chance to farewll 2006 by showing my 5 favourite finds from last year (that i haven't already shown here).

thrifted silver plated lotus bowl
silver (plated?) lotus bowl, one of two i snatched up at $3.50 each. i love the patina on these.

mikasa mug
the mug that has started my obsession with vintage mikasa dishware, giving me yet one more thing to hunt for.

vintage coin purse
a beautiful little vintage coin purse in great condition, inside and out. and only a mere $3.

vintage bread tin
i've been trying to find uses for all the things i bring home and this large bread tin fit the bill perfectly as a dog food container.

vintage tin cannisters
two amazing 50's tin containers with faux wood grain pattern plus beautiful scalloped tin lids with plastic pulls.

Tiny French Postcard Stickers

Tiny. French. 19th century.
French. Stickers. To add to Postcards.
Bonne Fete, Happy Holiday!

ps I do not understand why my photos are shown sideways on blogger? Sorry, for the topsey turvey views!