Monday, August 22, 2005

favorite local haunts

my resources in order of most findability:
family thrift
yard sales
curbside pick-up

yes, when you live in an old historic part of the city, there are always neighbors with signs, "please take/i'm free" and you can never under estimate what a good coat of paint can do to some of those things. eBay is about as local as you can get, walk upstairs to the office late at night in my jammies and ta-da! the click of a mouse can steal the best deal.

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andrea said...

I must share here... I also got hooked on thrifting in highschool. we moved to cincinnati my junior year and my mom and I began to make many trips to the salvation army and goodwill. but the best place BY FAR was thrift town (located in a slightly seedy area)... there were many locations but this one was the best. I never paid more than a couple of dollars for anything and came away with unbelievable treasures such as these: several accordian style polaroid cameras from the 1920s (99 cents), a dress from the 40s with stunning and intricate black beading (2 dollars), a crazy quilt made entirely out of old pajamas and pieces of lingerie (99 cents!)... oh, and so many more things. thrift town is now long gone and I have moved way south of cinci. those first trips are what made me a life-long addict and I don't think I've scored quite as well as back then (though I've come close). here in atlanta, I occasionally strike gold at value village and last chance thrift. don't get to go as much as I'd like so when I do, it's such a treat.

sorry to go on and on but your new blog has got me reminiscing. hope you don't mind me sharing my (rather lengthy) thrifting memories.