Saturday, October 29, 2005

tag sale tales girl

tst girl was fashioned after the build your own superhero page from living out loud. here she's all ready to go with the things i bring thrifting with me. measuring tape to make sure that side table will fit, swatches just in case it's not the right color of green, music because i like to drown out the muzak and light crowds and get in my own thrift zone. hand sanitizer because...well, you just never know thumbing through all og those used items! patience, no expectations and a keen eye are what bring me a little bit of luck. besides your wallet, what do you like to bring?


Aimee "Roo" said...

I always take a list, specific things to look for. I also like to take water, because it can be a long day sometimes if I am looking through clothing, or books.

I like TST Girl! :)

Liquid Sky Arts said...

that's sweet! I love that she's packing Purell & an ipod!

I took a fashion merchandising class a long time ago, the teacher used to give us tips about how to thift. Her method was to skim the racks feeling the clothes with her hand to feel the quality of the fabrics. She'd always jump towards the silk and tweeds. She was so cute.

brandie said...

so loving tst girl!

Palomita said...

I love this girl! You should put her on a tee, I'd buy it! Oh I also bring wipes cause purell alone isn't enough.