Monday, November 14, 2005


sometimes you just need to take something home with you, despite the fact that it needs a bit of work. it has...potential, you say to yourself.

unfortunately, we've been gathering perhaps too many of these potential projects. my poor retro bicycle, a $12 beauty in need of new tires and a polish, has been orphaned by time - banished to the cold garage for another winter.

what are some of your well-loved but still-neglected finds? do share!


andrea said...

I wouldn't have been able to pass that bike up either-- the 'starlight' on the body alone is worth the purchase!

some finds: various odd signs and numbers that I swear I'm going to cover an entire wall with... and my favorite: an old snack machine from the 50s that is such a lovely shade of turquoise. it is tall and heavy and sort of bent and I am afraid to put it in the house for fear it might fall on one of the kids (or me!)... it needs to be anchored to the wall somehow (hence the reason it sits in the basement, awaiting its grand debut).

hillary said...

the lure of the classic vintage bike. I had one all through college. I just had to grit my teeth and bear it when I was trying to lug around a super heavy old bike and everyone else was carrying their light as a feather mountain bikes under their arms.

who needs more than 3 speeds anyway!

jill said...

Swoon to the ORANGE retro bike... It will live!

I bought for 50 cents this HUGE Gold Ornate Candelabra sort of thingy. It is truly UGLY. But I had a vision and I am determined to see it play out. The problem stands now that it is stashed in my husbands trunk and it's sort of that out of sight out of mind thing. I'm determined to paint it matte black, and hang it, put in all Cream colored candles and live happily ever after.

It's on my list of to do's before years end and I will definitely post pictures if it turns out as cool as it is in my brain.

I also got this Tiffany Blue knitted baby blanket thing and I wanted to make a pillow case out of it for our bed. My new colors are Brown/Cream and that turquoisy blue... YUM.

jenny vorwaller said...

my silly things i cant part wiht are the vintage clothes or accessories that just dont flatter me, but that i know are great steals. its a dream of mine to open up shop for this very reason!! someday...and i would put your unused orange beauty in the store window. on loan, of course...until you are ready to reclaim it!