Wednesday, March 01, 2006


so how much is luck involved in finding?

well, you visit several hit-or-miss shops, every so often, you come to know their strengths and weaknesses. the one on main street always gets the best shoes, while the one on the other side of town gets the best cardigans and paperback books. you visit often, but don't always win with a treasure to come home with. you sometimes go out of your way and leave empty handed. you leaf through dirty piles of unwanted items to find it. your toddler gets terribly bored and begins to hide under teh unwashed smokey smelling racks of coats and you just ran out of hand sanitizer. your hair gets sull of static when you try on that sundress. and its pilled all over.

and yet, with all that planned time and effort, being in the crowded, smelly thrift store with the rude sales people...somehow...when you do arrive at the just so straw beaded structured spring bag for a mere credit lady luck.


Aurora said...

Oh YES! I know the routine so well...since when did a size 12 fit so tight?! Oh god, that color really IS puce once I get it outside, etc. etc.

I love the thrill of the hunt so a true addict I suppose. Congratulations on finding the bag, looks like a keeper (I have about six like that, lol)!

Love youse, will keep reading. Thanks for the update!


sue said...

i had that routine down to every last saucer to slip dress, but now i have to map it out all over again - it's hard to start a thrifing routine in a new city. speaking of which, i'm back on for sundays, now that i have settled myself in philadelphia - the thrifting here is magical and i can't wait to tell the world about it!

Liquid Sky Arts said...

I'm glad that we're bringing tag sale tales back to life again... it was in hibernation way too long!

sue said...

amen, sister!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

What a surprise to find you today. I came here and saw the little white porcelain horse for days on end, waiting wanting it to gallop...and today today it is doing just that!!
Thank you for coming back!
This post says the truth, exactly that even down to the child under the table becoming bored!

Lorien said...

oh lucky you! the bag is beautifull!
I have no patience to go over even one shop like that, I think I do not teally feel the spirit of treasurehunting;)

lorien said...

* should be "really" :)

ed said...


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