Wednesday, March 15, 2006

vintage baking pans

i recently went through a giant stack (a few years worth in fact) of martha stewart living magazines to cut down on the clutter in my home. and going while through them, an article about vintage pans struck really my fancy. it makes me wonder, are baking pans a common collection? are they easy finds at thrift stores?
i can imagine them making lovely displays hung in a mass on a wall, with their delicate but industrial shapes looking like sculptures. and imagine the cake shapes you could make! i'm sure that there have been remakes of vintage pans, but something about pulling out some perfectly shaped brioches from an antique french mold is extremely romantic.
or what if you started a collection of vintage baking pans from all over the world? now that would be a tag sale tale.
(photographs by jose picayo)


sue said...

eventually, when i have a bigger kitchen, i would love to collect old baking pans. it makes me sad when i pass them up at thrifts, but i just don't have the room to house them.

they do exist, though! in future thrifting adventures, you'll start to recognize them and before you know it, you will have yourself a little collection!

Liquid Sky Arts said...

Speaking of pans... I saw a really neat collection of old metal chocolate molds at the flea market, in really great shapes like tall standing rabbits (had it been in the shape of a geisha, I wouldn't of hesitated!). Old silverware is really great too!

Abigail said...

I have lots of vintage tin moulds (as well as glass ones)..all different shapes and sizes, and search for chocolate moulds from France/Belgium, jelly moulds, anything....I don't see them very often at antique fairs/thrift shops, but I find lots on ebay and in Paris where they appreciate the finer things :))) LOVE the images you posted pretty! xx