Thursday, October 26, 2006

To thrift or not to thrift? There is no question!

Hi! My name is Meagan, and I, like you, love tag sales, garage sales, thrift shops, antique stores and any other place I can find interesting, pre-enjoyed goodies.

I live in an old, converted schoolhouse in northern Wisconsin, where I put my thrifty finds to good use. Mostly pottery and textiles of all kinds find their way into my shopping bag (like this lovely green footed bowl and silky bee scarf, above), but sometimes I come away with something completely unexpected.

Like these boots that I found on Friday. For only $1. These hand-crafted Italian leather lovelies will surely keep me well shod through our upcoming winter. Upon stumbling on these beauties I did the furtive "glance over the shoulder" that so many of us do to make sure we are the only ones who noticed the fabulous find we now hold in our hands.

I can't wait to share my tag sale tales with you. Thanks, Jenny, for inviting me to write here.

Until next time ...


Jennifer said...

Great intro! Looking forward to seeing what you find in northern Wisconsin - clearly a wonderful hunting ground.

leslie said...

ooohhhhh, converted schoolhouse - how cool is that??? can't wait to see more!

Aga said...

:) sounds like an amazing place -your home ! nice to meet you ,meagan!

linda t said...

I'm from WI, now living in Phx, AZ.
I miss the fall season in WI!
but we go back there every year and go to tons of yard sales and thrift stores.
My best thrift stories are from my adventures in WI.
Do you have a blog... with pics of your home?
Thanks for sharing!

Meagan said...

Thanks for the welcome, everyone!

I feel so lucky to be where I am in the world. It takes me a ten-minute drive to stand on the shores of the largest fresh water lake on the planet (by surface area, heh!), and a fifteen-minute drive in any direction gets me out for a hike.

My house is best described as a work-in-progress. We bought the place after it had been a rental for nearly 20 years. It has long outlived the chic part of shabby chic.

So, we have been slowly rehabbing the ol' girl (I somehow have attached a matronly - perhaps schoolmarm - persona to our house). The place has loads of character, and it's only a matter of time 'til we have her polished up!

I haven't posted any pictures of the house on my blog. I'll try to share some there soon.

Meagan said...

Oh, and I forgot ... Where abouts did you live in WI, Linda? I can imagine AZ is a big, big change in a number of ways!

linda t said...

I grew up on a dairy farm between Eau Claire and Black River Fall, off of I-94.
Went to high school in Whitehall.
But when are back there each year we take road trips all over WI.
What town or city do you live near? What part of WI?
Love this site!

Meagan said...

I'm near Ashland, right by Lake Superior in the very northern part of the state.

I grew up in the Finger Lakes region of New York, so water, forest and farms have always been a part of my life.

I came out here for college, sight unseen, 12(!) years ago and haven't left. I love it here!