Tuesday, April 17, 2007

enamel and brassflowers

enamel and brassflowers, originally uploaded by mood swing.

if we could all be so lucky to score like kristen. my goodness. this stash is just a jewelry designer's dream!!

wonder what other creative endeavors out there are fueled by flea market finds?


Jodi said...

What a lovely score!

I wish that I could see what becomes of them.

kristen said...

Jennifer oh Jenny,

Thanks for posting my score to the group that I've belonged to for over a year and have yet to post to. I'm a little shy....=)

Cheryl Wray said...

Just wandered into your blog from, well, I can't really remember...but I LOVE it!! I love thrift shops and garage sales. Just yesterday I scored some great books and some of the cutest little glassware. Now off to see some of your archives!

An Odd Duck said...

oh, awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I like your blog...keep up the good work!! I live by the same "guidelines", if you will, as you descibed here.

Til next time,

xoXo Kelly

annadee said...

I'm a jeweller and boy am I jealous!

paprikablush said...

wow, those are lovely pieces u have there!!! where did u find all of those goodies?

Anonymous said...


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