Tuesday, September 13, 2005

the 3 Rs

ok, ladies (and gentlemen, if any). let me give you some examples of how i interpret the 3 Rs in our tag sale tales motto. look at the photo. these are the things i'm going to describe.

ceramic bowl: i discovered menorquina ice cream in a restaurant last summer. there are lots of delicious flavors and prices are reasonable, but what i love the most about them is the fact that i get to keep the bowls . i use them all the time, they are great for serving nuts, dried fruit, candy. they also make nice candleholders.
water glass and plate: flea market.

paper balls: bought at a christmas decorations final sale. i thought they would make an original decoration, no matter what season.

an icon: brought from south africa. i spotted this beautiful image of an angel in a church storage on the floor. i asked if i could keep it, just like that, and it was mine right away.


jenny vorwaller said...

oh kasia! i love this post. you make good use of our motto :) these are great finds, the south african icon is amazing. you never know until you ask!

kath red said...

i loved this photo
great post

Liquid Sky Arts said...

me too, that angel is perfect... what a treasure!

momo said...

i wish i could visit the flea markets with you, kasia! you have such good tastes! =)

corey amaro said...

Your style and photo-stories are wonderful! Such a good eye for detail. The three R's "r" so true. Without them there isn't much point to going to a tag sale or brocante!