Sunday, September 11, 2005

hello, hello!'s nice to meet you!
melissa from lucky olive here, and i'm terribly excited to join these lovely, inspiring ladies as a contributor to tag sale tales.

my specialty has been unearthing midcentury and danish modern furniture at unassuming yard sales, but i'm always up for a trip to the flea market or goodwill for anything gorgeous or peculiar.

let's see...a little background...
i once worked in the photography world in manhattan, but now i'm living a subversive rural/suburban lifestyle behind a sheep farm in upstate new york with a husband and a toddler. being so isolated from the city has a distinct advantage - bargains. the past summer has begun an all-out quest to fill our new house with a lifetime's worth of furnishings and accessories, and i'd love to share with you what i find and learn as i comb through the histories of strangers.

oh, and one more thing - you'd be surprised what a few good finds can do to change your life's path. last week i went back to school after 13 years...this time, for interior design. :)

thank you for reading, and i look forward to all the thrifty goodness you all have to share!


jenny vorwaller said...

melissa, i love your coat and pin, and hair!

can't wait for more writings from you. you're a great addition to this collaborative spot!

Liquid Sky Arts said...

Hi Melissa,
You're another familiar face... I think I've seen your photo on livejournal?! :)

Jenny showed me your blog the other day, it's very beautiful. So glad you've teamed up with us here!

lucky olive said...

Thank you so much, both of you! :)
I'm so glad to be in such good company!