Sunday, November 06, 2005

creamed dishes

milk glass - detail bottom

everytime i'm at a thrift, i cannot deny my love for milk glass. how can you pass up the creamy texture and luminescent glow? most of the milk glass you'll find at thrifts will be everyday flower recepticles. not to worry - these vases come in all shapes and sizes which are great for holding long utensils, like stirring spoons and knitting needles. you will also find other shapes, such as short flat pieces, which are great for holding guest soaps, kitchen sponges, or your bobbypins. if you are really lucky, you'll find the most beautiful and rare representation of milk glass - opaque blue, green, or pink creamy glass. my favorites are animal-shaped candy dishes, printed pieces, and anything with raised detail on the bottom. i have so many pieces in my collection, but i cannot seem to stop the growth of my stash - it's just too beautiful!


lucky olive said...

that's such beautiful glass! if only they made it in such a lovely blue!

Hanna said...

thrifting is extra ordinary fun when you've got a collection to add on to, right? Don't stop, as long as you've got use and room for the glasses I think you should shop on! :-)

Anonymous said...

ooh~milk glass reminds me of my sweet mother... she too collected it ~ the beautiful pieces remind me of my childhood, looking at her precious things that were dear to her thanks for the tender memory