Saturday, November 05, 2005

Whimsical chairs

Bring an old chair back to life with a simple coat of paint, and a little ingenuity!

When looking for secondhand chairs, look past the color or finish (or what's left of it) and instead look at it's lines, or shape. The one's that are too far gone to come inside, can be transformed into something magical for your outdoor space with a little creativity. Here are a few tips & tricks in using second hand chairs to add a little whimsy and charm to a garden, porch, or balcony:

* Use paint colors that are bold outside to make the colors of the flowers in your garden really pop! Try colors such as pink, sunshine yellow, Caribbean blue, lilac, or fire engine red.

* After you paint a base coat on your chair, use a low tack painters masking tape to mask out stripes then paint them in with a contrasting color.

* Decoupage images over the paint using a product like modge podge. If you're unsure of where to find images try using full color images from affordable clip art collections such as the Dover series. You can also achieve a similar look by using stencils, stickers, rubber stamps, or hand painting.

* Once you've painted or used the decoupage technique on your chair, add a clear coat of polyurethane to protect it's new look from the elements.

* Transform a chair into an outdoor shelf, by cutting off the legs and add a hanging wire to display on a sturdy fence.

* If you have a canned or wicker chair with a worn out seat, widen the hole just large enough to place an enamelware bowl, or a terra-cotta pot...and use it to display trailing flowers.

* Collect a series of old dining room chairs in different shapes, and re-paint each one in a contrasting color. Arrange them around a table for an eclectic garden room sitting/dining area.

Adding a dash of the unexpected adds a lot of interest to your outdoor space!

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dolly said...

some great ideas, thanks for posting!