Thursday, November 09, 2006


So the other day I was visiting a woman who I am working on a project with for Paper Relics at her shop. The shop is great, it is in this old mill that has been turned into a little shopping center and filled with cute boutiques and art shops, and much to my surprise, an antique mall in the
basement. I forgot how it came up but as soon as she mentioned it my mind was already heading for the door. I went down, not sure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. One section was dedicated to sewing, it was wonderful and I only wish I had the space and extra cash for some of the unique items for sale. I was about to move on when my eye spotted a pile of early
1900's French fashion catalogs. *Swoon* I had to get someone to come open the case for me to look at them, and I always hate that. I am afraid that while I am going to find a person with a key, that another shopper will see what I spotted and figure a way in to get it before me. Silly, I know, but when I find something I have to have, I get that wonderful feeling inside - pure joy.

They were amazing French catalogs from 1902, 1904, 1905 and 1915. I purchased 2, went back upstairs to show the woman I was visiting my lucky finds and ended up running back down to get the other 2. they are WONDERFUL (click on photos to see larger version). Lots and lots of girls in dresses, cute items, everything and each has a fabric sample sheet in the front! I have so many ideas floating around with what to use these images for... one thing I am going to do eventually is scan a bunch and offer a French Catalog clip art CD. But I had to share this find with you! And stay tuned for a post of what I made with some of my flea market finds!


cityfarmer said...

Loving the wait.

Anonymous said...



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