Monday, November 06, 2006

Tea for Women who wear Pink Lipstick

I have a bad habit, I like to collect things I do not need. Take these teeny tiny napkins, tea napkins and hankies, for a dainty tea party with ladies who wipe their lips perfectly at the edge...or the cream ladle with its delicately painted porcelain handle!

Collecting is like that, it seldom has to do with is about imagination and dipping into passion. A touch of lace, an old ribbon, turn of the century floral paintings, small pleasures are taken from their romantic flare.


Maryann said...

well put! collecting is rarely about what i *need*--it's more about what happens to me when i see certain things...
thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth said...

I only buy things that "Speak to my heart" - (un?) fortunently that creates a lot of little useless bits and bobs sitting around, looking pretty.

But they speak to my heart! Who can argue with that!